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              About us

              Company Profile 

              Hangzhou Project Management Company Limited (BPM) is a professional construction engineering integrated service company. The company was founded in 1988 and has become one of the oldest first-class enterprises in the Chinese industry of engineering construction supervision, and the founding member as well as the vice-president company of Hangzhou Engineering Construction Supervision Association. The company has obtained a series of A-class qualifications of house building, municipal administration and architectural design with its business covering engineering consultation, project cost and biding agency, providing services of project management and agent construction. At present, the company has fixed assets of more than 60 million Yuan, of which over 15 million Yuan are for technical equipments. The company has awarded qualifications by ISO “Qualification Management System”, “Occupational Health and Safety Management System”, “Environmental Management System” and “the UKAS for Certification of Quality Management System”.

              With more than 600 certified personnel of various professional skills, of which 70% are intermediate and senior technical staff, professional technology and management are at the core of the company’s development. Among these technical staff, there are more than 160 national registered supervising engineers, cost engineers, architects, structural engineers and equipment engineers, and more than 260 provincial registered staff.

              Excellent project performance and high social reputation play a significant role in the development of company. The annual project volume of the company reaches more than a hundred million Yuan. By the end of 2012, the total construction area of the projects which the company had engaged in reached 50 million square meters with a total investment of more than 300 billion Yuan. The pass percentage of engineering quality reached 100%, and more than 60% of the engineering project whole process supervision obtained the Municipal Excellent Project Award. The company has cumulatively obtained: over 20 National Excellent Project Award, including 5 China Construction Project LuBan Award and over 10 Silver Awards; more than 70 provincial awards including 60 Zhejiang Qiangjiang Cup for Excellent Project. The company has also awarded the tile of “China’s Excellent Supervision Enterprise”, and “Trustworthy Enterprise”, “Advanced Safety Production City”, “Total Quality Management Advanced Group” and “Workers’ Technical Association Advanced Group” of both Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou City. In 2008, the company awarded “Advanced Enterprise of the Twenty-Year Development of National Supervision Industry”.

              The company is now showing its strength not only in Zhejiang province but also on the national stage, with its market share occupying the first place in Hangzhou and the top five in Zhejiang Province, ranking the top 50 enterprises in China’s supervision industry.

              Hangzhou Project Management Company is committed to become the best integrated service provider in the construction industry. Following are some of the supervision projects undertaken by the company:

              The tallest building in Zhejiang Province: New Century Grand Hotel (238 meters of floor space, 12 meters of buried depth, 14 meters of excavation depth)

              The second-tallest building in Zhejiang province: Hangzhou Secondary Long-distance Telecommunication Pivotal Building.

              Land-mark high-rise: Hangzhou Liqun Building, Zhangzhou City Commercial Bank, Cathaya Building, Guangli Building, Wanghu Times Eastern Golden Apartment.

              The deepest foundation pit in Zhejiang province: Hangzhou International Building (5 floors underground)

              The first fully-reversed deep foundation pit in Hangzhou: Hangzhou Huanbei Silk-clothing City.

              The first half-reversed deep foundation pit in Hangzhou: Yuanhua Square.

              Five-star Hotels: Zhejiang Grand Hotel, Goethe Hotel, Platinum Hanjue Hotel, Continental Hotel, Jinshan Hotel, South China Hotel and Tiandu City Hotel.

              Large Shopping malls of over 100,000 square meters: Hangzhou International Building, Intime Biaoli Square, Yuanhua Square and so on.

              Large industrial parks: Eastern communications city (180,000 square meters).

              Large residential areas of over 450,000 square meters:

              Greentown series: Emerald City, Jade Garden, Chunjianghuayue, Weilan Department;

              Others: Wankenandu DongfangRunyuan, Yefeng HaitianCheng and so forth.

              Large public facilities: Hangzhou Natatorium, China Water Conservancy Museum (99.99 meters of all-steel structure), Pinghu City Stadium, Haining City Stadium and so on.

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